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I am so lucky to be doing the work I do facilitating people go through health and fitness transformation and now I even train others to do the same. I really love the work I do. And applying to myself what I know, I feel really great, almost as if I had never-ending energy reserves. Well, I have to say it wasn’t always that way.

My late teenage years and early twenties were spent in the discomfort of itchy eczema all over my body, acne on my face, migraine headaches that affected me for whole days. Then later I developed another skin infection. My legs had to be bandaged regularly at the doctor’s at some point. Not finding answers at doctors I was lucky to have come across a health centre that focused on food. The diet was very strict, but the results were amazing and my passion for nutrition was woken up. As time passed I couldn’t keep the strict diet and some symptoms came back and that time I knew where to look for solutions. I continued my search for answers in nutrition. After 15 years of learning nutrition as a hobby I trained as a Nutrition Advisor at a UK college. Then instead of continuing my training to qualify as a consultant to ‘give advice’ as a practitioner, I joined WildFit as a coach where I take clients through the transforming experience and facilitate creating lasting change in their lives, which is possible thanks to the unique design of the program. It really is a pleasure to watch the complete health turnarounds in other people’s lives.

Now, since the start of 2015, I have guided thousands of people to creating their desired results and lasting change. I now train coaches to do the same.

If the program created change for others – with a similar or the same health condition – it becomes so easy to believe that it can work for you. I look forward to seeing what changes you can create for yourself. You might be surprised! I am 100% here to support you on the way! And if you are a foodie, and still want to learn more, WildFit has the depth to answer those questions. And that is the top­ic I too often find myself talking about…

Food Choices & Life Choices - Principles for health transformation and increased energy

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