Are you pulled in too many directions? Do you need more energy to keep up?

Are you doing your best to look after yourself, yet still there are gaps in your energy? Certain foods we eat to give us energy can be the most dangerous ones for our health. If you’re trying, but you’re exhausted, what else is left to do about it? Let me show you how you can increase your energy and take charge of your health, with no willpower, even if you don’t believe it is possible right now.

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Food Choices & Life Choices – Learn to make the choices that give you health and empower you

Friday, 18th October

9:30am London UK time

During this live class…

Do you find yourself snacking at night time?

You will learn why you are so driven to keep snacking at certain times and why you end up with energy lows during the day. Learn the steps to create more balance and increase your energy.

Do you know which Foods give you Energy and which Foods actually drain your Energy?

You will learn about your relationship to certain foods and how to change your habits without using willpower. And why some foods or drinks are downright dangerous and create exhaustion in the long run.

Does your body silently speak up and nag you to change something? What’s the message? How do you step on the path of improving, healing and creating more Energy?

Learn the number one principle for supporting the body to heal its symptoms and for finding your hidden energy reserves.
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Petra Ivan

Dip. Nutrition Advisor and Cert. Master WildFit Coach

17 years after her own health turnaround, recognized as a nutrition and health consultant for the past 5 years, Petra has had the pleasure of being part of growing, alongside the founder, one of the fastest internationally known and recognized
health correction methodologies known to shake up the diet and health industry in years. Being a leader of the evolution of global change and transformation for thousands of clients internationally and worldwide, she continues her mission by
training coaches to become leaders in their communities. Join Petra on a journey of self discovery and healing with food, movement and fun.

Food Choices & Life Choices - Principles for health transformation and increased energy

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