Attention Women Who Serve

If you have struggled to find the time and energy to enjoy friends & family time AND keep advancing in your work life, without making a sacrifice, let me show you how you can increase your energy and take charge of your health, even if you don’t believe it is possible.

Why exercise is fantastic and it isn't what's needed for healing?

You will learn which exercise supports healing and which creates more stress. And what you can do for your health that is even more effective than exercise.

Which foods take your energy away and how to avoid them?

You will learn about your relationship to certain foods and how to change your habits without using willpower.

How to create the best environment for the body to heal and have abundant energy?

Learn the number one principle for supporting the body healing its symptoms and for finding the hidden energy reserves.

Workshop Leader

About 12 years after her own health turnaround, Petra substantially contributed to growing the company WildFit from 40 to 5000+ clients. Closely guiding the transformation of thousands of participants all around the world, training them to create long term lasting health results and achieving sustainable high energy lives. Now she trains coaches to do the same.

Dip. Nutrition Advisor
Cert. Master WildFit Coach

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Food Choices & Life Choices - Principles for health transformation and increased energy

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